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Nov 28, 2012 7:30am EST
>> what i can confirm is that 45 p. the top rate of tax will be higher under this government than any of the 13 years of the last government. that is the fact. that's the richest in the country will be paying more in terms of income tax in every of this government than in any year of that government. .. was investing eight hundred million pounds, an excellent eight hundred million pounds to combat tax avoidance. there was no such investment taking place with 15% cut in the budget. is the prime minister guilty of tax of points for tax evasion? >> $900 million into specific majors of tax avoidance. all these schemes grew up under years of labour government. they never did a general tax avoidance. they presided over a system where people in the city were paying less taxes than their cleaners and the government has sorted out. >> not to be remembered as the prime minister introduced regulation of the press, an essential part of a free democracy. would you agree with me that regulation derives -- you are pregnant or not pregnant. you either have state regulation or you don't. there is
Nov 22, 2012 6:00am EST
and the president's tax plan would be bad for him or he wanted to purchase -- as the weeks wore on it turns out this was a man who never earned more than $40,000 in his life. he was not actually a plumber. he had a lien on his house or owed back taxes as i recall. he was certainly never in a position to buy $250,000 business but he imagined himself so rapidly, so invested the that he could not see he was precisely the person for whom obama's tax plan would most benefit to ratchet is welfare up words and so this deep sense of identity in investment in the american dream that if you work hard enough you're going to be there is something i have been thinking about a lot and there's a way in which the discourse of the american dream and particularly the way it is rationalized as well for white people, it almost eliminates any sense of hesitation or conditional. if i worked hard -- if i were in this position, if i am already somebody who's ready to take the reins of power, the conditional, the sense of that conditional being contingent upon politics rather than the political climate and not just one
Nov 21, 2012 7:30am EST
economy and pay taxes in the american tradition. would we have to only get a job if there was none for an american in which case i wouldn't be able to be here, and i just point to research at the cato institute which mentions that immigrants response to market-based signals boost the economy and boost wages for all levels. thank you very much. >> go ahead and ask the question and then we will address both of them. >> okay. [inaudible] i'm a first generation immigrant and new york republican which basically means i have to be a democrat everywhere else. so my question is different from his. so mine, i want to take more to the political sphere send you are all in tune to what the republican party is going, and everything. how can the republican party become the big party again the way it was during reagan? i feel the republican party is just slowly and slowly and slowly and slowly becoming a smaller and smaller and smaller party, and basically throwing people out like me or other republicans that you're not a real republican, or things like that. and the democratic party is going the
Nov 21, 2012 2:00am EST
tax fix the afghans use as opposed to the do what isaf do their business as we disengage and is described in the transition process. it's about locally security solutions. all of this is playing out in the period between now and 2014. and mariot has pointed out it's not been looked at as an institution. >> one final question. if you say physical strength, if you see the target, other than the pacing of the afghan transition, what's keeping you awake when you think about transition at the moment? >> just a correction. we are at full strength for the 352,000 number. there still are training deficit. they are not all fully trained and there will be some attrition at the time. so it's tough to bring the force to capacity. >> from my good as a generator and trainer to the national spectrum if he will double us to the effect on the ground. i would merely highlight that in the early days, this is very much afghan treatment, we focused on quantity, filling the gaps, putting quantity out into the field. what we've started to do now in earnest is consolidate that by which i mean in
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4